What is HVAC Asset Tracking?

What is HVAC asset tracking? Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) work, by its very nature, requires a significant number of assets. This can be anything from - company tools, equipment, customer assets (air-conditioning unit, refrigerators ect.), company vehicles, IT devices, documentation, stock, and inventory, the list is endless. Keeping track on all these assets as they move about your community is overwhelming. On top of all of that having to remember when maintenances/services are due and trying to keep record of the lifecycle of your assets! That’s where asset tracking can help.


What is the definition of Asset Tracking?

Asset tracking is the method of tracking and managing your physical assets by using either a barcode or RFID tag.  You can capture important information of the asset, such as the status, location, assets maintenance history, maintenance scheduled, asset condition (damage photos, employee notes) and more, simply by scanning the asset tag.  When a change is made, assets can be easily updated in a centralised database using a cloud-based service, like AssetTrak.

Benefits of HVAC Asset Tracking Software:

  1. Eliminate unnecessary tool and equipment purchases
  2. Preventative maintenance scheduling
  3. Check in and check out tools and equipment
  4. Visibility of asset locations in real-time

Key features of HVAC Asset Management Software:

  • Unlimited Sub Users
  • Reporting
  • Preventative Maintenance Scheduling
  • Cloud-Based System
  • Tag Technology
  • Customisation of Asset Fields
  • Accountability of Tools
Unlimited Sub Users

To keep your employees connected and up to date on your asset inventory, it is important to consider how many sub-users will access the HVAC software.  When searching for software, it is a great benefit to find a system that allows for unlimited sub-users. This gives every employee access to the most recent asset information and keeps your team on the same page.


Running reports and pulling the proper data from the HVAC software is critical to making decisions. Building reports gives you the flexibility to send and view reports that matters most to your business. For instance, if you need to know every tool and equipment that is checked out to a specific job site or employee, you can easily pull an on-demand report or schedule an automated report to be sent directly to your inbox.

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

A software that allows you to easily schedule maintenance for customer and company equipment, to keep them performing at peak and to keep the incoming of business. With asset tracking software, you can automate this process to ensure you never miss scheduled maintenance.

Cloud-Based System

Having a cloud-based system allows you to throw out the time-consuming spreadsheets and old manual inventories.  Any activity that is taken on an asset, such as adding, editing, or performing inventory scans, is updated in real-time.  That means when an employee is in the field/on a jobsite and the other is in the office, all information is up to date to keep your team on the same page.

Tag Technology

Planning to use barcode or RFID asset tags? When searching for HVAC tracking software, it is important to find system that is capable of scanning both RFID and barcode.  Why?  Because if you aren’t ready for RFID just yet, you can easily transition later on down the track without the hassle of switching software.

Customisation of Asset Fields

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, so finding an asset tracking software that gives each company the ability to customise the software to meet their business needs is a must have.  Asset fields are how you describe your equipment.  Using these fields gives you more flexibility in running reports on information that is important to your business and also makes it that much easier for you and your team to understand.

Accountability of Tools

HVAC tools and equipment,  are extremely important and a huge part of being able to run your business.  Having a software that allows you to know who is responsible for the asset and when it is due back by using a check-out/check-in system is a must have feature.  This helps hold the employees accountable and lowers the chances of lost assets that leave your facility.



Managing your company’s physical assets should always be a priority if you want to improve your business operations. However, it can be hard to achieve high success if you use manual tracking systems.

As your business continues to grow, start to think about how you are going to keep track of all the tools and equipment that your company will keep purchasing to maintain functioning at high levels. Consider how you are keeping up to date with maintenance/servicing, both customer and company assets.

Is it time to start using a HVAC asset tracking and management software for your business?

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