K-12 School Asset Tracking Software

Track your entire school asset inventory from anywhere. AssetTrak makes education asset tracking a breeze.


Streamline Your School Asset Tracking

Know where your school assets are—and which student has them—all the time. From laptops, student calculators, reference books and musical instruments, your staff and students can quickly check in and check out multiple items instantaneously. With AssetTrak's school inventory software, you can now easily track and manage the combination of onsite and remote fixed assets. The mobile asset tracking app allows you to manage assets on the go using any iOS or Android device.


Fixed Inventory Audits Done in Seconds with RFID

Scan an entire room in seconds for a full inventory audit. Just walk in and scan. In seconds, your RFID asset management inventory audit will deliver full details on found, misplaced, missing and new assets. An education asset tracking system will make it easy for your school district to verify the ownership of the asset. Not having an updated fixed asset inventory will cost thousands of dollars every year. Using RFID for school asset tracking makes this process easy for the auditor.


Complete, Lifetime Fixed Asset History

In seconds, you’ll be able to view your entire inventory’s history, down to individual assets. Know every detail of each asset’s history—from purchase to disposal and everything that happened to the asset in between—so you can make smarter purchasing decisions in the future. With a school asset tracking software, you can easily schedule and manage every maintenance performed on an asset so you can easily determine when the asset needs to be replaced or retired.


Centralised Asset Data with Unlimited Users

It’s time to ditch the spreadsheets—RFID asset tracking empowers you to centralise your asset data and toss out cumbersome manual asset tracking for good. With cloud-based tracking, your asset information is always up to date—on any platform - iOS, Android, or web, from anywhere with a data connection or internet service. Unlimited users allows your employees to be connected and aligned with your fixed asset management practices. All data is updated in real-time, so every employee has the most recent asset information



AssetTrak provides everything you need for your school asset tracking and inventory management

Cloud based

Your inventory is always moving—so you need a mobile way to track it, too. AssetTrak enables you to manage your assets anywhere and from any device.


Integrates seamlessly with your current handheld devices—AssetTrak just makes your life easier.

Check In/Out

Check in and check out laptops and tablets to teachers or students with ease.

Unlimited Users

Our RFID asset tracking software is designed to grow with your business, making it the perfect fit for your company’s unique needs.

Save Time

Cut down time wasted on cumbersome inventory management at your school to mere minutes instead of hours or days.

RFID & Barcode

Use the technology that makes sense for your school whether that is barcode, RFID, or a combo of both.

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