Improving Asset Maintenance Using Reports

“It’s time to start Improving your Asset Maintenance using Reports.”

To ensure asset availability, safety, and reliability, routine asset maintenance is required. Whether planned, reactive, or preventive, improving maintenance can mean the difference between a productive operation and a costly one. Deploying a successful plan to improve asset maintenance can be a complex process. But when coupled with an asset management system, you’ll soon notice greater efficiency when it comes to maintaining your assets. In this article we explain how asset reports are critical in maintaining and extending the life of your assets.


How do reports help improve maintenance?

Reports that improve asset maintenance are listed below:

  • Reports help in effective maintenance
  • Asset history reports
  • Depreciation Reports
  • Reports help reduce costs


Reports help in effective maintenance:

Maintenance is an inevitable part especially when your organisation is asset intensive. If maintenance is neglected, then it can lead to sudden equipment failure which will increase maintenance expenses or lessen the life of your assets.

In order to avoid these issues, prevention maintenance must be done on time. Now the question comes, after how much time should maintenance be given? Reports are helpful in providing valuable data that enables organisations to schedule maintenance on time.

Asset history reports

You can get a lot of answers and information with equipment history that will help you identify the main issue and take action accordingly to resolve the issue.


Depreciation reports

You do not have to calculate depreciation as you can easily calculate with asset management software. You can get depreciation reports as per your business needs.

Reports help reduce costs

Maintenance cost is one of the most important aspects of asset management. As it can be very expensive, and reports can be helpful in reducing maintenance costs. You can check the last few months’ maintenance reports and get an idea about future maintenance costs.


What kind of data reports can you collect with AssetTrak’s Asset Management Software?  

Below we have given what kind of reports or data you can collect with AssetTrak’s Asset Management Software:

  1. Get a report based on the total value of assets based on purchased price, and depreciation value.
  2. Generate Maintenance reports.
  3. Download Scan Reports on total assets scanned, location/site, date/time and the user.
  4. Export all reports to CSV and PDF.
  5. The record cost of maintenance along with related inventory to complete an activity.
  6. Get a list of all activities completed against an asset, by an assignee.
  7. Record the repairs done, warranties, costs incurred, and spares consumed, by uploading relevant documentation.


No matter the report type, obtaining asset data should be quick, easy, and hassle-free. This helps to free up your time to concentrate on other areas of your asset management.

The data that you access should also be comprehensive and informative enough to help improve strategic decisions within the business. The best way to achieve this is with AssetTrak Software.

AssetTrak Software delivers the features and capabilities to digitalise all asset data and automatically generate asset reports when needed. To find the best asset management solution for your business, start your search for Asset Management Software today.

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